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July 27, 2016 | 8:30 AM

Top 5 Pinterest Boards for Decorating Your Classroom

Written by Brightspark Travel


Photo: www.creativeteaching.com

It's that time of year! Back to school season is quickly approaching, and teachers everywhere have classroom planning on their minds. Make it a little easier for yourself by checking out our favorite pinterest boards for classroom decorating, organization and management. 

1. The Cornerestone for Teachers, Classroom Organization

This blogging teacher’s posts and pins aim to decrease clutter, both physically and mentally. Be sure to read her blog post, 5 Signs Your Classroom is Overdecorated & How to Fix it.

2. Minds in Bloom, Classroom Management

With over 20,000 pins, this popular board’s classroom decoration ideas include DIY posters outlining "Voice Levels" and organizational tools.

3. We Are Teachers, Classroom Decorations

This board promotes creative classroom aesthetics, with pins featuring everything from office chair makeovers to inexpensive Etsy posters.

4. Educational Ideas

This middle school teacher’s posts include English-related printouts and clever ways to display student projects.

5. Useful Charts

From a “Timeline of World History” to the “Evolution and Classification of Life,” these fascinating and useful charts are great for any social studies, biology or history classroom.

Download these poster-size sketchnotes to print and hang up in your classroom!

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