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January 9, 2015 | 2:29 PM

Student Travel Trends for 2015

Written by Brightspark Travel

Our travel experts have identified the most influential student travel trends of 2015, and from ecology tours to travel selfies, these travel industry trends are sure to inspire out-of-the-box learning.

Additionally, smartphone apps such as our exclusive Snap! Video program allow students to share photos with family and friends back home in real time. Programs such as Spark Fit utilize wearable devices such as pedometers to support on tour fitness. Lastly, transportation companies enhance safety with technology. Many of our coach companies now use devices that track coach maintenance, driver and route activity, and more. 

Crossing the Pond: International student tours are on the rise — big time. International Tour Consultant Kelly Lombardo recalls her experience as a student traveler planning an education tour to Italy 10 years ago. “It was pretty unheard of. I had to execute a lot of the planning myself, and was basically jumping through hoops.” Fortunately, as demand for international student tours increases, group immersion tours, “grand tour” type trips and combinations of the two are becoming readily available and easier to plan.

Wide Open Spaces: While urban centers have always attracted travelers with culture and sophistication, natural areas will receive well-deserved attention in 2015. A study by Choice Hotels found that 24 percent of Americans list the western national parks as their top American destination for 2015. Science classes are taking advantage of ecology tours to locales such as Costa Rica, where they explore diverse flora and fauna and participate in science workshops.

Technology on Tour: By creatively using ipads, smartphones and social media, teachers and travelers enhance learning, communications and safety. Companies such as Chicago DeTours augment visits to the Windy City’s cultural and architectural hotspots with ipads featuring historical images of those same sights.

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