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June 1, 2016 | 8:30 AM

New Resource: Fundraising Chart for Students

Written by Brightspark Travel


Get parents and students thinking about saving or earning money for their student tour this summer! We came up with a handy little chart for students that will help them keep track of ways to earn funds and stay motivated. Just print up this chart and have parents fill in their child’s goals. Kids can fill in the map as they reach each goal.

Here at Brightspark, we encourage groups to fundraise in order to make student tours more affordable. In fact, some of our top fundraising groups were able to pay for a whopping 50% of their tour through fundraisers. We’re all about sharing fundraising ideas and tips – including the creative ideas you’ll see at the back of the chart.

As a bonus, this printout includes creative ways for kids to earn money – from summer jobs to household chores. Plus! Share this tool with your future group’s current teacher so that kids can start earning money for next year’s school trip!



Are you a group leader and already have a student tour booked? Prepare for your parent meeting with our comprehensive guide to answering parent questions. Parents are going to have questions about your upcoming tour, and we have answers. Download our guide for ideas on how to answer parents’ tour-related questions. Topics in the guide include medical accommodations, emergency situations, how to pay and refunds, options for alternative participation, and more. Download the free guide here.


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